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Designing a Heat Exchanger

Shining 3D worked with the Harbin Institute of Technology to design a heat exchanger to address a problem that had been plaguing electric race car. This brief webinar features their efforts and tools. Enjoy!

WEBINAR: 3D scanning overview

Application engineers Gabriel Otero and Sergi Bada give a great overview in this webinar, of not only the Einscan Pro HD Scanner, but how to use and application.

The Coming Wave

  What do all of the companies to the left have in common?  All have integrated additive manufacturing into their business operations!  Of course these are large corporations, but an increasing number of sole proprietorships are coming to appreciate the…

AM for Education

 3D printing is not just novel and exciting.  This technology has society-changing power akin to the advent of the printing press, the steam engine, the telephone and the computer.  Design and manufacturing are transformed – they are now democratized.  Your…

Additive vs. Subtractive

Who wins in this match-up?  You might expect we are going to tell you that the winner is additive manufacturing?  Not necessarily.  Each has advantages. Let’s have a look at both processes.  We’ll compare additive manufacturing with more traditional forms…


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