CANARI – CANadian Academic and Research Incentive

Canada is lagging behind. New technologies have launched a modern industrial revolution and we are barely part of it. Educators should be concerned; will the next generation be properly equipped? This technology is having profound impact across a wide swath of industries, from health sciences to architecture. But at this point in time, Canada trails other major economies in implementation of new technologies; likewise, we register proportionally less patents on new inventions and innovations. Additional evidence of this disturbing trend:

As our way of combatting this growing disparity, we’d like to introduce the CANARI:  The Canadian Academic Research Incentive.  It’s our Canadian company’s scheme to give Canadian education and Canadian research initiatives a bit of a boost: cutting edge 3D printing tech at the best possible price.


The CANARI is an aggressive price discount for qualifying educational institutions and research initiatives.


Any academic institution using or wanting to incorporate additive technologies to further educational goals. Additionally, any organization that intends to use additive technology for research and development.

  • the schoolteacher planning hands-on and motivating ways to teach
  • the researcher studying new building materials
  • the innovator who needs a prototype
  • the architect considering additive technology in residential construction
  • the company trying to modify a design to better meet client needs
  • the shop designing jigs for a new product


The CANARI can be applied to all of our products! (Price discounts vary by item and quantity; please contact us for more information.)

It is our hope that Canadian researchers and educational institutions will take advantage of the CANARI discount to advance Canadian manufacturing innovation and to equip the next generation.

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