invention. innovation. inspiration. 

that is promise of additive technologies and 3D printing offers

i3D‘s goal is to help you get there by helping you investigate and analyse how AM can benefit you, guiding your investment in AM and helping you integrate to maximize the potential of additive in your organization.

Additive manufacturing presents organizations with powerful and unique opportunities. But if additive manufacturing is relatively new to your organization, you may be uncertain how to navigate. How should you begin? Without an understanding of what is truly possible and without a strategic plan on how to arrive there, organizations sometimes find themselves approaching additive manufacturing hesitantly. Its true power is unrealized in their operations.

Our mission is to give you and your organization vision. We want to shed light on — illuminate! — your path to an exciting future. Sometimes, all that is needed is a starting point and a rough map. Other times, it’s helpful to have a guide with you who knows the terrain and can talk through your options. Is the destination worth your time and money investment? How could you begin? What supplies are strictly necessary and what are helpful add-ons? What routes could you take and what are the pros and cons of each? When you can see what’s ahead more clearly, and what possibilities are open to you in this journey, you’ll know where you want to go. And how you can get there.

Either way, we can help. Because while we’d love to sell you a printer, we don’t just stop there. We’d love to see you and your organization “invent. innovate. inspire.” We promise to use our accumulated expertise, relationships with industry-leading manufacturers and application engineers to illuminate the full potential of 3D print technology for your own unique operations, to achieve your own unique goals. Is there anything we can shed light on for you today?

i3D’s Mission: illuminate

We provide you and your organization

the knowledge and tools you need

to see the transforming power of 3D printing

in your world

If you are relatively new to the idea of additive manufacturing, can we suggest the first step on your path? Check out our AM Basics page!

i3D is a proud member of the Alberta Additive Manufacturing Network and of nGen – Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

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