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3D printing. additive manufacturing.

What can it do for you, really?

3D printing metal 

It’s a thing. It’s here. And it’s revolutionizing industries in your own neighborhood.

resin 3D printing

Binded by the light. (Not just cool. Really really useful.)

fused deposition modeling

DEFINITELY not just for trinkets anymore.


Reverse engineering. Data storage and transmission. Metrology.

(Read: Stratospheric production versatility.)

accessories and consumables

Do more. Do it better.

(Spectacular results guaranteed.)

i3D works with you and our manufacturers to provide all products included on the website. To find out more about any product, reach out to us and let us know.

But i3D is about a lot more than products sales.


Knowledge is only power if you can apply it. Otherwise, it’s trivia.

(i3D can help you get the most from your asset.)


Not sure how to make that widget widge?

Hey, just call us. You’re never alone.


We get it. Time is money.

(i3D will respond within 24 hours.)