Boasting a build volume of 455mm x 455mm x500mm, the EP-M450 couples the high output requirements of large build volumes with high performance and high accuracy, and is an excellent addition to the successful line of MPBF™ 3D printers. The complete open system makes EP-M450 a very powerful tool for larger scale production for users seeking to produce using a wide range of metal powders like titanium, aluminum, nickel alloys and stainless steel, etc

The EP-M450 features:

  • Superior software and design helps users reach a printed parts’ density > 99.9 %
  • The optimized gas flow design ensures efficient removal of smoke and splashes to enhance uniform full size printing.
  • Dynamic software with ability to divide the model into different sections like upper and lower surfaces, core areas and small areas etc. Different process parameters can be applied individually to these parts for high printed part quality.
  • Repeatable positional accuracy along Z-axis of building direction ≤±5 μm.
  • Overlapping deviation with dual laser printing ≤±0.1 mm. Overall mechanical properties of the printed part remains same when compared to printing results with the single laser machine.
  • Blow back enabled coarse and fine filtration system ensures prolonged lifetime of filter over 1000 hrs.
  • Highly user friendly software interface and one-click printing technology simplifies the print process.
  • Reduced gas consumption during printing ≤6 L/min helps reducing operation cost.
  • Traceable print records after every print and real-time display of readings for various sensors.

First Class Results

  • Creates high density, high-integrity components thanks to unique scanning path and inert gas chamber
  • High precision print quality for final product (thin layer-thickness)
  • Adjustable print quality and strength for draft design
  • Efficient prints (intelligent powder coating method and rapid scanning speed)
  • Highly stable platform enables over 200 hours of continuous operation
  • Wide range of applications including: aerospace, biomedical, automotive, engineering, R&D, jewelry, industry, injection molding and resource development

Highly Practical

  • Create components using a diverse range of metal powders including: stainless steel, high temperature nickel base alloy, maraging steel, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, high strength steel, copper alloy and tungsten alloy
  • Open source (will support metal powders from any supplier)
  • Touchscreen control console offers full visualization for user-friendly operation
  • Printing process can be monitored, controlled and diagnosed from a cellphone or laptop
  • Multiple built-in safety systems
  • Eplus control software allows use of 3rd party .stl processing software like NETFABB and Materialize Magics

Low Cost Operation

  • Over 90% material utilization rate
  • Total power consumption as low as 1kW
  • Low gas usage (automatic flow control and circulation filtration of inert gas)

Product Name
Build Volume
Optical System
Spot Size
Max Scan Speed
Layer Thickness
Building Speed

Power Supply
Gas Supply
Forming Chamber O Content
Machine Dimension
Input Data Format

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
455mm x 455mm x 500mm
Fiber Laser, 500W (1000W dual laser option)
90-130 µm
20-120 µm
15-35 cm³/hour (Single laser)
35-65 cm³/hour (Dual laser)
220V, 50-60Hz, 16A
5700mm x 3220mm x 3090mm
EP Control, EPHatch
STL or other Convertible File

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