Using MPBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion) technology, the EP-M650 is currently the largest SLM printer in the Eplus line with a build envelope of 655mm x 655mm x 800 mm and a four laser systems to ensure a high efficiency printing production.

The precise positioning and innovative area splicing control technology hereby offers uniformity and stability throughout the whole printing phase. The system is compatible with a wide variety of metal powders such as titanium-, aluminum- and nickel-based alloys, die steel, stainless steel, chrome cobalt Alloys and other materials.  It is suitable for the direct manufacturing of large-size, high-precision and high-performance parts in the aerospace, automotive and defense industry.

The EP-M650 features:

  • Printing of mass-individualized parts in the 340 Liter  (655 x 655 x 800 mm) build chamber.
  • Four lasers print simultaneously reaching an output of up to 120 cm3, which is an increased efficiency of 3.5 times compared to a single laser system.
  • Printing large layer thicknesses of more than 60 um possible.
  • High parts accuracy in the overlap area of 0.1 mm. The deviation of mechanical properties compared to a single laser system is lower than 3%.
  • Optimized design the air flow ensures the effective removal of dust and splatter as well as a uniform parts quality in the whole print bed.
  • The strict calibration ensures the consistency between parts and batches.

First Class Results

  • Creates high density, high-integrity components thanks to unique scanning path and inert gas chamber
  • High precision print quality for final product (thin layer-thickness)
  • Adjustable print quality and strength for draft design
  • Efficient prints (intelligent powder coating method and rapid scanning speed)
  • Highly stable platform enables over 200 hours of continuous operation
  • Wide range of applications including: aerospace, biomedical, automotive, engineering, R&D, jewelry, industry, injection molding and resource development

Highly Practical

  • Create components using a diverse range of metal powders including: stainless steel, high temperature nickel base alloy, maraging steel, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, high strength steel, copper alloy and tungsten alloy
  • Open source (will support metal powders from any supplier)
  • Touchscreen control console offers full visualization for user-friendly operation
  • Printing process can be monitored, controlled and diagnosed from a cellphone or laptop
  • Multiple built-in safety systems
  • Eplus control software allows use of 3rd party .stl processing software like NETFABB and Materialize Magics

Low Cost Operation

  • Over 90% material utilization rate
  • Total power consumption as low as 1kW
  • Low gas usage (automatic flow control and circulation filtration of inert gas)

Product Name
Build Volume
Optical System
Spot Size
Max Scan Speed
Layer Thickness
Building Speed

Power Supply
Gas Supply
Forming Chamber O2 Content
Machine Dimension
Input Data Format

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
655mm x 655mm x 800mm
Fiber Laser, 500W (1000W dual laser option)
90-130 µm
20-120 µm
15-35 cm³/hour (Single laser)
35-65 cm³/hour (Dual laser)
380V, 50-60Hz, 65A
5880mm x 3840mmm x 3630mm
15000 kg
EP Control, EPHatch
STL or other Convertible File

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