MARS PRO-600 SLA Printer

Mars Pro-600

Soonser’s Mars Pro series of SLA printers are an upgraded series of SLA 3D Printers that optimize both industrial experience and expertise and technological advancement. This makes the Mars Pro series the most advanced and efficient commercial SLA printer available.

The Mars Pro features high stability and precision with it’s user-friendly technical characteristic, Mars Pro can broadly be used in various fields and that includes Industrial model manufacturing, fixture Production, rapid precision casting, medical and healthcare treatment.

High Accuracy and Efficiency

Soonser has combined components from global technlogical leaders to optimize efficiency and accuracy. This includes:

  • Integrated high precision calibration technology
  • THK’s variable spot module
  • Scanlab’s scanning oscilloscope
  • High-speed scan

Ease of Use, Stable & Reliable

  • Ease of use: one-click print and superior performance
  • Auto calibration and error detection module to ensure working stability
  • Dense high precision marble moving substrate
  • Optimized structure for less maintenance
  • Continuous technical support

Product Name
Build Volume

Optical System

Spot Size
Max Scan Speed
Layer Thickness
Building Speed
Power Supply
Machine Dimension
Input Data Format

Mars 600
Stereolithography (SLA)
600mm x 600mm x 400mm
144 liters
Fiber Laser, 500W (1000W dual laser option)
±0.10 (L<100mm)
±0.10% (L>100mm)
0.08mm – 0.80mm
0.05mm – 0.20mm

200-240V, 50-60Hz single phase
1520mm x 1320mm x 1970mm

STL or other Convertible File

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