3Dlac 3D Printing Adhesive


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When 3D printing, the first layer is the most important.  That’s why it is imperative to have an adhesive that will not only hold firm for the first layer, but also last the entire print – no matter if the print is 20 minutes or 18 hours – on a heated bed, or not.

3Dlac is that adhesive.  A light mist of non-toxic 3DLAC over the bed surface is enough to firmly hold the first layer of your print in place.  On heated beds, allowing the print to cool uses the plastic’s natural rate of thermolinear expansion/contraction to simply ‘snap’ off the bed.  3Dlac can be reused for a couple of prints (give or take), and then reapplied for the next print.

3DLAC is the perfect cost effective substitute for any other substitute.  It is easy to apply, and easily washed off  with warm water and dish soap.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 33 cm