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Taulman Nylon 645


Taulman 645 is a strong and durable filament that is becoming increasingly common in CNC shops worldwide. Its properties make it ideal for many applications, and components manufactured with 645 have been reported to be between 80% and 100% as strong as their injection-moulded counterparts. It is an excellent choice for end-use components, and it is remarkably easy to print, making it ideal for prototyping as well. 645’s ability to be further refined through CNC milling adds to its already impressive list of features, resulting in a strong and versatile 3D printing filament.


Taulman 645’s strength and high heat and chemical resistance make it ideal for applications such as casting moulds and batteries.


  • High strength
  • High durability
  • Excellent bridging performance
  • High heat tolerance




  • Perimeters  = Minimum of 2 – Maximum depends on the number/size of holes.
  • Layer thickness/height = .2mm maximum for best resolution
  • Temperature = From “Maximum layer bonding Page” determination.
  • Speed = Printer dependent, however speeds greater than 44mm/s begin to reduce bonding on some nozzles.
  • Perimeter Speed = This should be the slowest of all your print speed settings. – Some reports @ 28-42mm/s
  • Nozzles
    • 0.23mm – 0.5mm – Brass with flat tip
    • 0.5mm –  1.0mm  – Brass, Copper, Copper Alloy with domed tip (Domed tip required for water tight molds
  • Retraction – 5-6mm with 1.75mm 645 and 4-5mm with 3mm 645
  • Skirt – Minimum of 4 @ 1 layer height. – Due to 645’s viscosity, it will take 645 longer to equalize 1st layer pressure in the nozzle than ABS

NOTE:  Other than making sure the idler pressure on extruders was tight, Retraction seems to be the only other setting required when changing from ABS to 645


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 9 cm

Black, Natural

Filament Diameter

1.75mm, 2.85mm


1 kg, 453g