One of the most powerful design and file inputs for 3D printing is derived from 3D scanners.

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. 3D laser scanners create sets of data points on the surface of an object – sometimes referred to as “point clouds”. The scanner’s probe projects a line of laser light onto the surface while two sensor cameras continuously record the changing distance and shape of the laser line in three dimensions (XYZ) as it sweeps along the object. The shape of the object is represented as millions of points on the computer monitor as the laser moves around capturing the entire surface shape of the object. The process is very fast, gathering up to 750,000 points per second and very precise (to ±.0005″).

In this way, 3D scanners are able to capture the exact size, shape and sometimes texture of physical objects and convert them into digital 3-dimensional representations. In particular, the ability of a 3D scanner to capture organic shapes and difficult-to-draw objects in minutes has proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses and professionals alike.

The digital files can generally be saved as either CAD files to allow for modification, or STL files to allow for 3D printing.

Some of the uses of 3D scanning technology includes:

Reverse Engineering and Prototyping


Storage and Data Transmission



The Einscan family of 3D scanners is the most comprehensive and accessible line of affordable 3D scanners currently available. These award winning scanners range in price and features to fit any budget, and are supported by a highly user-friendly software package. From the affordable ‘white light’ Einscan SE designed to introduce users to scanning to the newly released Freescan UE7 and UE11, Shining 3D has the answer to your 3D scanning needs.

Freescan UE
Einscan HX
Einscan Pro2X Plus
Einscan SE

Einscan FreeScan UE7 and UE11

The Einscan FreeScan UE7 and UE11 are Shining’s premium metrology scanner featuring a high precision blue light laser that allows users to scan reflective surfaces . It’s ergonomic and lightweight equipment design, make it easier to hold and operate, providing metrology-grade, high-precision inspection solutions for the automotive, transportation, aerospace industry, moulding inspection, energy generation, machinery manufacturing and etc.

The FreeScan offers:

  • Metrology-class high precision: Accuracy up to 0.02mm, Volumetric accuracy 0.02mm+0.04mm/m.
  • Stability of repetitive measurement: FreeScan UE delivers consistent results, when repeatedly scanning the same item.
  • Wide range of material adaptations: Supporting the scan of black and reflective surfaces to accommodate a wider range of scanning applications.
  • High efficiency: The scan area can reach 510*520mm, providing larger field of view for a smoother and more efficient scanning experience.
  • Easy operation: User-friendly operating system with simple software setup and guidance through the whole workflow process, allowing users to master the operation at ease.
  • Seamless inspection efficiency: The scan data can be imported into inspection software like Geomagic Control X, Verisurf Inspect and Einsense Q with one click, increasing the inspection efficiency.
  • Portable and lightweight: The device weights only 670g, facilitating handheld scanning more easily and avoiding fatigue due to long working time.

Freescan UE7 $27,500 ($22,000 USD) or lease for as low as $862.02/month O.A.C.
Freescan UE11 $34,500 ($27,000 USD) or lease for as low as $1,081.44/month O.A.C.

Contact us for leasing details.

 FreeScan UE7 FreeScan UE11
Scan ModeMultiple Lines Scan, Single Line Scan
Scan AccuracyUp to 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy0.02mm + 0.04mm/m
Volumetric Accuracy with DigiMetric0.02mm + 0.025mm/m
Scan Speed650,000 points/s1,020,000 points/s
Working Distance500mm
Depth of Field300mm-700mm
Max. Scan Range510mm x 520mm
Point Distance0.05mm - 3mm
Light Source14 lines + 1 line blue laser22 lines + 1 line blue laser
Laser ClassClass 2M (eye safe)
Connection StandardUSB 3.0
Dimensions298 x 90 x 74.5mm
Power RequirementDC: 12V, 5.0A
Operating Temperature Range0 - 40°C
Operating Humidity Range10 - 90%
CertificationsCE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE
Inspection ModuleCompatible with multiple inspection software solutions such as Einsense Q, Geomagic Control X, Polyworks, Catia, Etc
Output FormatOBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF
Data Compatibility Software3D System (Geomagic Solutions), InnovMetric Software (PolyWorks), Dassault Systems (CATIA V5 & SolidWorks), PTC (Pro/Engineer), Siemens (NX & Solid Edge), Autodesk (Inventor, Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage), etc
Recommended PC ConfigurationOS: Windows 10, 64-bit; Video card: GTX 1080 or better; Memory ≥4G; Processor: i7-8700 or better; Memory: ≥32GB


Based on years of 3D measurement experience and market demand, SHINING 3D innovatively integrates blue LED light and blue laser into EinScan HX handheld 3D scanner. The hybrid laser and LED light sources make EinScan HX compatible with a wider range of object sizes, meeting multiple needs of users. High efficiency and reliable result give EinScan HX more application possibilities.

  • High Efficiency: Processing speed of EinScan HX under Rapid Scan Mode is up to 1,200,000 points/s, and multiple blue laser lines under Laser Scan Mode makes scanning of most objects in minutes for reverse engineering, CAD/CAM, 3D printing and etc.
  • Full Color: With built-in color camera, it supports full color texture capturing and tracking by texture.
  • EinScan HX Reverse Engineering Design Bundle Available: A hybrid light source 3D scanner with reverse engineering and CAD capabilities.
  • Reliable Results: The high resolution and accuracy meet the needs of most industrial applications for reverse engineering and measuring. Minimum point distance 0.05 mm and accuracy up to 0.04 mm with Laser Scan.

Freescan UE7 $15,000 ($12,000 USD) or lease for as low as $475.59/month O.A.C.
Contact us for leasing details.

Scan ModeRapid ScanLaser Scan
Scan AccuracyUp to 0.05Up to 0.04
Volumetric Accuracy0.05+0.1mm/m0.04+0.06mm/m
Scan Speed1,200,000 points/s
480,000 points/s
Camera Frame Rate55fps55fps
Align ModeFeature alignment, markers alignment, texture alignment, hybrid alignmentMarkers alignment
Working Distance470mm470mm
Depth of Field200 - 700mm350 - 610mm
Max FOV420 * 440mm380 * 400mm
Point Distance0.25 - 3mm0.05 - 3mm
Light SourceBlue LED7 blue laser crosses
SafetyEye-safeClass I (eye-safe)
Built-in Color CameraYes
Texture ScanYesNo
Connection StandardUSB 3.0
Output FormatsOBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF
Dimensions108 x 110 x 237mm
CertificationsCE, FCC, ROHS, WEEE, KC
Recommended ConfigurationOS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1080 (or equivalent)
Video memory: 4GB
Processor: i7-8700 (or equivalent)
Memory: 32GB


The Professional 3D Digitizing Solution

  • Offers an enhanced Handheld HD Scan Mode and enlarged scan range
  • Captures 3D model of medium to large size objects with high efficiency
  • Meets demands for wider range of applications
Product IDShining 3D Einscan Pro 2X Plus
Product NumberACC1020
Scan modesHandheld HD Scan, Handheld Rapid Scan, Fixed Scan with turntable, Fixed Scan without turntable
Handheld HD Scan accuracyUp to 0.05mm
Handheld Rapid Scan accuracyUp to 0.1mm
Fixed Scan accuracy0.04mm (single shot accuracy)
Volumetric accuracy0.3mm/m (markers alignment)
Handheld HD Scan speed20fps; 100,000 points/second
Handheld Rapid Scan speed30fps; 1,500,000 points/second
Fixed Scan speedSingle scan < 1 second
Handheld HD Scan point distance0.2mm - 2mm
Handheld Rapid Scan point distance0.2mm - 2mm
Fixed Scan point distance0.16mm
Enlarged scan range312 x 204mm
Depth of field ±100mm
Working distance400mm
Light sourceLED
Handheld HD Scan align modeMarkers alignment
Handheld Rapid Scan align modeMarkers alignment, feature alignment, hybrid alignment
Fixed Scan (with turntable) align modeTurntable coded targets, feature, markers, manual alignment
Fixed Scan (without turntable) align modeMarkers, feature, manual alignment
Handheld HD Scan texture scanNo
Handheld Rapid Scan texture scanNo
Fixed Scan texture scanYes (with color pack addon)
Outdoor operationYes, with shelter; avoid direct sunlight
Object formatOBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, 3MF, P3


A powerful companion for educators and individuals

  • Easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users
  • Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan
  • Easy to operate and great price-to-performance ratio
Product IDShining 3D Einscan SE
Product NumberACC1006
Scan ModesFixed Scan with turntable
Scanning Accuracy0.1mm (single shot accuracy)
Volumetric Accuracy0.3mm/m (markers alignment)
Scan speed<8 seconds single scan time
<2 minute single lap time
550,000 points/second
Max Scan Size700 x 700 x 700mm
Single Scan Range300 x 170mm
Depth of Field±100mm
Working Distance400mm
Light SourceLED
Align ModeTurntable coded targets, feature alignment, manual aligment
Outdoor OperationYes, with shelter; avoid direct sunlight
Object FormatOBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, 3MF, P3



The EinScan Color Pack allows the Einscan scanners to capture even higher resolution 3D data and richer color accuracy. The accessory features a 24-bit true-color display and 12.0-megapixel color texture. Ideal for applications such as virtual reality, e-commerce virtual displays and online museums.

    • 24-bit true-color display
    • 12.0 Megapixel color texture
    • High resolution 3D data; for better and richer scanning details
    • Scan data resolution reaches up to 3.0 Megapixel per single scan


The HD Prime Pack can accelerate scanning speed by 30 percent when the device is used in Handheld HD Scan Mode. The Prime Pack also captures more detail and enables marker-free alignment. Use this scanner when the very highest level of precision is required — reverse designing, archiving, restoration and cultural heritage preservation.

    • Allows makers free scanning under Handheld HD Scan mode when the object surface is with enough geometries, greatly enhancing the scanning efficiency without any object preparation.
    • When the object surface is without enough geometries, you can still scan under Handheld HD Scan mode with markers alignment.
    • The scanning speed is increased by 30%, capturing high-accuracy and high-resolution scanned data more rapidly.
    • It captures more details than handheld rapid scan mode under HD prime without markers.




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